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About SMT solder paste

Good machine. Operate effectively with your wave solder machine. Thank you !

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Nice service!Can show me the solution in time when I have questions with machine. They are patient and kindly.

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About SMT solder paste
Latest company news about About SMT solder paste

What is solder paste?

Solder paste is a mixture of metal solder powder and flux - the two elements required to successfully solder together two pieces of metal. Much like any other form of solder, such as solder strip or wire, you can get solder paste in different types of alloys including silver and gold. You can also get solder paste that melts at different temperatures (hard, medium, easy). Essentially, solder paste is like any other form of solder you can buy - you just have the added advantage of it being pre-mixed with flux.

How to apply solder paste?

1. One of the best things about using a solder paste syringe is the fact that it comes in a syringe! This makes the application of solder paste incredibly precise - excellent for soldering jump rings together. Simply remove the cap from your syringe and secure the needle that comes with it in place.

2. Check that the metal you're soldering is clean and free from any debris or greasy fingerprints. This can interfere with the soldering process making it much more difficult for your solder to flow nicely through the joint.

3. Make sure that the join you're soldering is completely flush. File until you can no longer see any light seeping through the join. This will make sure that your solder joint is as strong as possible and help the solder paste flow nicely through the join.

4.Apply a small amount of solder paste to the solder join or area of metal that is going to be soldered. Apply a little pressure to the syringe plunger - you'll soon get used to the pressure required to apply the tiny amount of solder you need to solder findings.

Wipe away any excess solder paste from the syringe and replace the cap. Get into the habit of doing this immediately after each use to maintain the consistency of your solder paste for longer.

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