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Basis information of Wave Solder

Good machine. Operate effectively with your wave solder machine. Thank you !

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Basis information of Wave Solder
Latest company news about Basis information of Wave Solder

Wave Solder


1. Definition:


Wave solder is a welding process in which molten liquid solder,

with the help of a pump, forms a specific shape of solder Wave on the surface

of the solder tank, and the PCB inserted with components is placed on the transfer

chain, and the solder joint is realized by passing through the solder Wave peak at

a specific Angle and a certain immersion depth. 


2. Classification


Wave soldering is divided into single wave soldering and double wave soldering.

When single wave soldering is used in SMT, serious quality problems, such as

missing soldering, bridging, and insufficient weld seams, are prone to occur due

to the "masking effect" of the solder. The dual wave crest overcomes this problem

and greatly reduces the defects such as missing welding, bridging and insufficient

weld seam. Therefore, the dual wave soldering process and equipment are widely

used in surface assembly.


3. Part


Different wave soldering machine equipment has different principles, but the final

result of each component is the same. It can be roughly divided into the following parts:

  • Fixture installation
  • Spray flux system
  • Preheating system.
  • Welding system.
  • Cooling system

4. Fixture installation


Fixture installation refers to the fixture that is installed and clamped for the PCB board

to be soldered, which can limit the degree of thermal deformation of the substrate,

prevent the occurrence of tin emission, and ensure the stability of the immersion tin effect.


5. Flux System


The flux system is the first link to ensure the quality of welding. Its main function is

to evenly coat the flux, remove the oxide layer on the soldering surface of the PCB

and components, and prevent re-oxidation during the soldering process.

The coating of the flux must be even, try not to produce accumulation, otherwise

it will cause solder short circuit or open circuit

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