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Qingdao Zhongqing Electronic Software Co., Ltd. became ASM SMT demonstration factory

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Company News
Qingdao Zhongqing Electronic Software Co., Ltd. became ASM SMT demonstration factory
Latest company news about Qingdao Zhongqing Electronic Software Co., Ltd. became ASM SMT demonstration factory

Qingdao Zhongqing Electronic Software Co., Ltd. became ASM SMT demonstration factory


Qingdao Zhongqing Electronic Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongqing Electronics"), established in 2012, is an enterprise specializing in rail transit electronic products, circuit board design and development, manufacturing, embedded systems and software development services. In China's high-speed rail-related technology companies, such as: Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute, Xi'an CRRC Yongdian Jietong Electric, Qingdao Yatongda Railway Equipment Co., Ltd., CRRC Sifang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., etc. Its products include: high-speed railway passenger car video system, passenger car video monitoring system, etc.

SMT Production Line


In recent years, Zhongqing Electronics is eager to make a breakthrough in the direction of smart manufacturing. Beginning in 2019, I began to communicate with ASM on smart factory manufacturing solutions and practices, and gradually deepened a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of smart manufacturing. Zhongqing Electronics purchased a DEK NeoHorizon 03iX + Process Lens + SIPLACE X2S + SIPLACE X2S production line from ASM in 2020. Based on the smart factory plan discussed with ASM, we randomly purchased Process Expert, a process optimization expert related to ASM integrated smart factory, Lean scheduling system Production Planner, material low warning system Line Monitor, material traceability system Traceability, material management system Material Manager , Smart material cabinet Material Tower, inductive electronic material shelf Material Shelves, dispatch center system Command Center, remote smart factory Remote Smart Factory, with smart watches and smart glasses provided by ASM, and with the MES system independently developed by Zhongqing Electronics, from Material management, production planning, production preparation, production control and other processes have successfully built a benchmark smart factory in all aspects.

SMT Assembly Line


With this comprehensive set of smart factory software and hardware solutions, each production line of Zhongqing Electronics has reduced 1 operator, the warehouse reduced 2 operators, equipment OEE increased by 9.3%, product yield increased by 8.7%, and production costs reduced by 28% , The manufacturing cycle is shortened by 45%, and the backlog of products is reduced by 17%.


Take ASM’s lean production scheduling system Production Planner as an example. The software is linked to the customer’s ERP system to obtain production tasks in the next few days. Under the condition of guaranteed delivery, the Production planner intelligently calculates the optimal scheduling based on the actual production beats of the equipment. The production plan is to mix similar products to reduce the time loss caused by the customer's change of production, and at the same time improve the turnover efficiency of the feeder. Combined with other solutions, the manufacturing cycle is shortened by 45%.


The types of railway system products are diverse, and the requirements for quality are very high. The ASM smart factory solution provides customers with sufficient flexibility in production, and at the same time ensures high production efficiency and high quality reliability. Based on the successful practice of smart factories, China Youth Electronics successfully joined the China Academy of Railway Sciences manufacturing technology seminar member, participated in the formulation of China's railway industry PCB manufacturing standards, and was recognized by the Academy of Railway Sciences, and won the highest supplier rating of the China Academy of Railway Sciences in 2021.


With the completion of the construction of the China Youth Electronics Smart Factory, China Youth will gradually become the most advanced and smart PCB supplier in the Chinese railway industry, and will gradually expand orders. It is expected to become the largest PCB supplier of the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences by the end of 2022. business.


In the first half of 2021, China Youth Group purchased ASM printing presses, process optimization experts, and a complete line solution for placement machines, and has already begun to prepare the fourth production line plan, and also all use ASM complete line solutions.


In April 2021, in view of China Youth Electronics' independent MES and the adopted ASM intelligent solutions, China Youth Electronics and ASM signed a demonstration factory agreement. According to the agreement, Zhongqing will become ASM's seventh SMT demonstration plant in China. ASM will repeat the analysis of China Youth's current production process to make its SMT production more competitive and efficient.

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