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The main equipment on the SMT line

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The main equipment on the SMT line
Latest company news about The main equipment on the SMT line

The full name of SMT is Surface mount technology, which means surface mount technology in Chinese. SMT equipment refers to the machines or equipment used in the SMT processing process. Different manufacturers can configure different SMT production lines according to their own strength and scale and customer requirements. For the semi-automatic SMT production line and the fully automatic SMT production line, the equipment of each SMT production line is different, but the following SMT equipment is a relatively complete and abundant configuration line.


Loading machine: A device where the PCB board is placed in a cage for loading. It is generally used for the second side of the front and back assembly.

Suction board machine: PCB feeding machine used for the whole package, use vacuum to suck the PCB, place it on the track, and transfer it to the solder paste printing machine

Printer: The solder paste or patch glue is accurately printed on the pads of the PCB to prepare for component placement. The printing machines used for SMT are roughly divided into three types: manual printing machines, semi-automatic printing machines and fully automatic printing machines.

SPI: SPI is the abbreviation of Solder Paste Inspection. It is called solder paste inspection machine in Chinese. It is mainly used to detect the quality of the printed PCB board of the solder paste printer, and to detect the thickness, flatness, and printing area of the solder paste printing.

Placement machine: Use the program edited by the equipment to accurately install the components on the fixed position of the printed circuit board. The placement machine can be divided into a high-speed placement machine and a multi-function placement machine. The high-speed placement machine is generally used for small placement Chip components, multifunctional placement machines are mainly used to mount large components or heterogeneous components in rolls, disks, or tubes. It is characterized by high placement accuracy, but the placement speed is not as good as high-speed machines.


Docking station: a device for transferring PCB boards.

Reflow soldering: Located behind the placement machine in the SMT production line, it provides a heating environment to melt the solder paste on the pad, so that the surface mount components and the PCB pad are firmly combined with the solder paste alloy.

Unloading machine: Automatically receive PCBA through the transmission track.

AOI: Automatic optical identification system is the abbreviation of English (Auto Optical Inspection). It is called automatic optical inspection in China. It is now widely used in the appearance inspection of circuit board assembly lines in the electronics industry and replaces the previous manual visual inspection. During automatic inspection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, after image processing, checks out the defects on the PCB, and displays/marks the defects through the display for Repair by maintenance personnel.

X-RAY: Mainly used to detect the mounting quality of various industrial components, electronic components, and circuits.

Router: Cutting machine, used to divide the PCBA of the whole board. Either Vcut or milling cutter is used for cutting.

Buffer: Buffer, generally used after testing equipment or furnaces, to receive a certain amount of PCB or PCBA, and adjust the rhythm of the production line in the entire production line. More advanced buffers can distinguish NG/Good signals. The remote operator makes a second judgment on the false alarm.

AGV trolley: In addition to ordinary material transportation, semi-finished products can also be automatically transferred from the lower plate machine to the upper plate machine for the second side assembly.

ICT: online test, electrical performance test.

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